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VOIP Phone and Voicemail

Voicemail setup, Phone Ordering and Configuration


Printer guides for Staff and Faculty.

Usage Guides

Articles with informational guides on using certain systems or software available on campus.

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All about E-signature Service - SignNow

This article talks about E-signature Service - SignNow and how to use it, who's eligible and how to gain access to it.

APC Surge Protector Product Recall (2019)

Information regarding the APC Power Strip recall.

Cyberduck and Duo 2FA Troubleshooting.

A guide for settings on the FTP app Cyberduck to prevent redundant Duo Two Factor authentication requests.

How to Install Software on U-M Managed Macs Through the Managed Software Center

Instructions on how to install software on U-M managed Macs using Managed Software Center

How to Install Software on U-M Managed Windows 10 PCs Through the Software Center

Instructions on how to install software on U-M Windows 10 PCs using Software Center.

How to Request a Hard Token

In place of using Duo Security Hard Token, the Duo security system is now all software based. Physical tokens can still be ordered at the Computer Showcase.

Setting Adobe Acrobat Reader as the Default PDF Viewer

Steps to open your PDF images and documents in Adobe Acrobat Reader instead of Microsoft Edge.

Signing into Windows 10 with Fingerprint Authetication

Instructions for adding a fingerprint sign-in on University Laptops

Windows Notification: Work or School Account Problem

You may have noticed a popup on your Windows 10 computer that indicates a problem with your work or school account.