Perceptive Content : Remote Use


How to access Perceptive Content while Remote. 


To use Perceptive Content (ImageNOW) remotely you have two options.
Both require you to be on the university's VPN.

  • Perceptive Content Desktop Client
    • Can only be installed on a PC.
  • Perceptive Experience - Content Apps
    • Works with any modern browser
  • WebNOW - This older browser application is no longer available.



Perceptive Experience

The Perceptive Experience - Content Apps is the easiest solution, and recommended if you are using Perceptive Content primarily to view documents.
Perceptive Experiencehas most of the functionality of the client, except the ability to do scanning.
To use Perceptive Experiencedo the following:

  1. Launch a web browser.


Perceptive Content Desktop Client

  1. Launch the desktop client from the Start menu.

  2. The default profile connection should already be selected and set up. See below if it isn't.
    1. Enter UMich credentials (same as your email).
      PerceptiveContent Login Screen
  3. This is the default view of the Perceptive Content client.
    Screen Shot - Perceptive Content Desktop Client

Installing Desktop Client

  1. If you are on a university computer the easiest option is to install Perceptive Experience from Software Center.
    1. Open Software Center using one of the two following options;
      1. Click on the desktop icon 
      2. Start typing "Software Center" in the Windows search box, and click on the app when it becomes visible.
        Search menu for Software Center
      3. From Applications, or possibly Updates, click on 
        Perceptive Installer Icon

  2. If you don't have access to Software Center because you are on a personal device then
    1. Download the client install file from Google Drive .
      1. Perceptive Content Client Foundation EP4 Build 95
    2. Drag the zip file "Perceptive Content Client Foundation EP4 Build" to your desktop.Perceptive Installer on Google Drive in File Explorer
    3. Extract the zip and open the enclosed folder to find "ClinetSetup_95.exe
      Extracted Install file from zip
  3. Right click on and run ClientSetup_95.exe as administrator
    1. If first time install, allow for Microsoft Visual to install and reboot the computer
    2. Go though prompts
      1. At 'Custom Setup' uncheck Language Packs, Administrator Help, and Business Insight Integration
      2. Click Install


Edit Connection Profile

  1. Click "Connection"
  2. Click "Edit connection profiles"
    ScreenShot - Select A Profile
  3. Select the "Default Profile"

  4. Enter the settings as shown.
    • Name: "Production", "UMD" or "DefaultProfile.
    • Server ID:
    • Server Type: Production
    • Port Number: 6000
    • User Name: Remember last successful user name
      • You can also select the "Set to" radio button and enter in your own unique I.D.
    • Close out the dialog boxes by clicking OK for each.
      Screen Shot - Profile Settings
  5.  Login


Additional Information

If there are any questions, please reach out to the Service Desk at 313-593-4357 or

For additional information, check these categories in the Knowledge Base:

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