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Accounts and Passwords

Articles about UMICH Accounts, Guest Accounts and Password Management.

Classroom AV & Computer Lab Support

Information on Classroom and lab technology

Office Technology

Office Computer, Phones, Device & Printing Support

Enterprise Applications

Banner, WebFocus, DegreeWorks, ImageNow, CRM and other resources.

Wifi, Network & Security

Wireless & wired connection issues, VPN, malware (viruses/spyware), cybersecurity

Email & Collaboration

Email, web-conferencing, file sharing

Research/Teaching & Learning

Canvas, Qualtrics, BYOD, AppsAnywhere, MiDesktop and other software for students and faculty.

Information on Using This Site

How to find answers in the knowledge base and submit requests through the service catalog. Guides for specific request. Tips for customizing this site for ease-of-use.

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