How to Install Software on U-M Managed Windows 10 PCs Through the Software Center


How do I install software myself on my University Windows 10 PC? What software is available to me through the Software Center?


Software Center is an application that is automatically installed on UM-Dearborn managed PCs. It allows for the easy installation of software like the Global Protect VPN client, Greenshot, GIMP, and Adobe software without the need for administrative privileges.

Installing software via Software Center requires being connected to a UM-Dearborn network or using the Global Protect VPN if you are off campus.


1. Search for the Software Center program in your Start Menu. You can also find it on your Desktop.


2. Once you open Software Center, you'll be presented with a growing catalog of available software.


3. Clicking on any of the software tiles will show more information, such as estimated time and download size.


4. To install the software, click on the Install button and wait for the installation to complete. Once complete, the Install button should change to Uninstall and the Status should change to Installed. With that, the software is installed and you're all set!

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