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A list of various resources and services that are provided to UM-Dearborn students.
This lists the services and software a student has access to when they graduate or leave the university for a period of time.
This guide is an overview to properly using the MCommunity Directory. It includes management of individual profiles, as well as management of groups and how to modify them to best fit the user's needs.
Uniqname information for Students.
Purchasing Software at discounted prices.
Scanner locations and usage guides.
Learn about U-M Google
This guide is for informing faculty, staff, and service desk members how to properly format their emails to the University of Michigan standard.
Computer Lab locations around campus.
Learn how to get Office 365 Education for free
Information on how to access voicemail.
Learn why some web-sites are blocked on the UM-Dearborn Network
This article talks about what vishing is and information about what to do if someone from outside the University calls you with a spoof caller ID making it look like they are an on-campus number.