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This article provides suggestions for common issues loading the Banner application.
How to create a Capture Profile on your computer for importing or scanning documents into Perceptive Content using the web interface Perceptive Experience Content Apps.
How to adjust the open hours of a location by editing the weekly templates.
How to adjust the open hours of a location by adding or editing a daily template.
How to scan student documents into the batch folder of PerceptiveContent.
How to create an application plan for a capture profile.
How to create lists for inputs that allow the use of drop downs.
How to update hours for a specific space/location in LibCal.
How to add expectation hours to the the regular hours of a location/space in LibCal
How to delete Hours Exceptions once they've been made.
Brief overview of logging in to LibCal to get to the dashboard for management purposes.
Basic log in, log out, and navigation information for Perceptive Experience.
How to view Perceptive Content documents in Perceptive Experience Content Apps.