AppsAnywhere Troubleshooting: AppsAnywhere Opens with Errors (BYOD)


What can I check to get AppsAnywhere working on my personal computer?


Provided here are some troubleshooting steps if AppsAnywhere is not working on your personal computer. If the troubleshooting steps below do not work, you can use MiDesktop in the meantime and contact the ITS Service Desk for more help.


These individual steps are solutions we have found when helping others having trouble using AppsAnywhere:

  1. Applications that you select on one computer will not automatically be available when you log into a different computer; you will need to "Launch" the application each time you log in before it can run.
  2. If you receive errors trying to run the software, make sure to run Windows updates to ensure your operating system is up-to-date.
  3. Some anti-virus programs may block AppsAnywhere or Cloudpaging player from running. Try temporarily disabling your anti-virus program or white-list these applications.
  4. The Cloudpaging player must remain open in order to continue running software that was launched using the on-demand service. 
  5. If the Cloudpaging player is closed you and you need to re-open it, you can click on "Launch” from the website again.
  6. In order to run applications that interact with each other, you will be required to “Launch” both applications from the website. For example, if you wish to run Minitab and have it interact with R, both applications will first need to be launched from the website.
  7. Some applications require the use of the campus VPN for licensing purposes. The need for VPN usage is denoted in the Application Availability Matrix and can also be found on the App Info tab after clicking More Info on the for an AppsAnywhere Application.


If you get an error message saying Validation Failed when opening the AppsAnywhere website, refresh to try again. If this is on a computer not previously used before, you will need to reinstall the AppsAnywhere client.  The use of another browser, clearing cookies or incognito window can help force the prompt when visiting the AppsAnywhere website.

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Troubleshooting AppsAnywhere on a Personal Computer

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