Enterprise Applications

Banner, WebFocus, DegreeWorks, ImageNow, CRM and other resources.

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LibCal is an appointment booking and event management system.


WebFOCUS is our enterprise reporting software for defined reports and dashboards.

Perceptive Content

Perceptive Content is a document imaging, document management, and workflow solution for electronic documents

Automic UC4

Automic UC4 is our job scheduler on campus. Scripts, created by ITS, can be run by end-users that use this application.

Articles (6)

Adding ODBC Settings

Configuring ODBC settings for use with Banner databases in Microsoft Access

Banner Quick Fixes

This article provides suggestions for common issues loading the Banner application.

Launch sunapsis Application

Instructions of for running the sunapsis application.

Obtaining Access to Banner - Next Steps

Once access has been approved to the Ellucian Banner application, it will be necessary to do some initial setup steps.  You will be provided with an Oracle Password.  The instructions below will assist with initial login, and resetting your Oracle Password.

Printing from Banner

This knowledge base article explains how to print from Banner