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  • How do I print from Banner?
  • When I print from Banner, it isn't formatted properly.


Banner recently upgraded the administrative pages of Banner to support printing.  


  1. Login to Banner
  2. Navigate to the page you wish to print
  3. Click Tools button in the right menu
  4. Click Print Screenshot

As this is the official way that our vendor recommends printing, this will continue to improve.  You may run into Banner windows where printing improvements could be made; they will likely be updated in future releases of the software.  Currently, this Print Screenshot functionality takes a picture of the Banner screen as it is being viewed in the browser.  If data flows outside of your browser window, then it will not print.

Printing natively through your Internet browser, or by using Ctrl+P, will have mixed results with the formatting of text on the printout.  This method should be consistent across all browsers.

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