Adding ODBC Settings


How do I add ODBC settings?


ODBC settings are typically used to allow specially created MS Access databases to interface with Banner.


The computer must be encrypted before ODBC drivers can be installed.

1. Sign in to your computer.

2. Open Software Center, it may be on your Desktop if it is not you can search for it from the Start menu

3. In the Application section you will select UM-D Oracle ODBC Banner Settings USER 20191008 or something similar depending on when you are installing the driver.

4. Click Install and the driver should start installing. Once installed you should test to make sure you can open and run your Banner report.

Note:  If you receive the message "This software is not applicable to your device" your device may not be encrypted. Please contact the ITS Service Desk ((313)593-4357,, or to have your computer encrypted.


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