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Once access has been approved to the Ellucian Banner application, it will be necessary to do some initial setup steps.  You will be provided with an Oracle Password.  The instructions below will assist with initial login, and resetting your Oracle Password.


  1. Setup Duo Two-Factor authentication
  2. Login to Banner:
    1. Access Banner from our Application Shortcuts page: https://umdearborn.edu/offices/information-technology-services/university-business-systems/application-resources
    2. Login with your uniqname and UMICH password
    3. Complete the Two-Factor authentication prompt
    4. You may be prompted to enter your Oracle Password before you are sent to the actual Banner application.  This password will be provided to you by the Applications Team. NOTE: This prompt can show before your first login, or after a couple of logins.
  3. Once in Banner, you should be presented with a large search field in the center of the screen.  Type 'Oracle Password Change'
  4. Once the form loads, you will be prompted for your Old Password, New Password and, Re-type New Password.  For Old Password, please type the password that was given to you by the Applications Team.  For New Password and Re-type New Password, specify a new password.  The Oracle Password is primarily used for MS Access databases; and you may never need to use this password, as once it is set, you will be logging into Banner applications with your UMICH credentials going forward.

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