Perceptive Content is a document imaging, document management, and workflow solution for electronic documents

Articles (10)

Perceptive Content : Application Plan

How to create an application plan for a capture profile.

Perceptive Content : Capture Profile

How to create a Capture Profile on your computer for importing or scanning documents into Perceptive Content using the web interface Perceptive Experience Content Apps.

Perceptive Content : Info Desk Scanning

How to scan student documents into the batch folder of PerceptiveContent.

Perceptive Content : Lists

How to create lists for inputs that allow the use of drop downs.

Perceptive Content : Remote Use

Brief summary of remote options to use Perceptive Content document system

Perceptive Experience : Content Apps - Capturing

How to capture documents in Perceptive Experience Content Apps and save them in the Perceptive Content system.

Perceptive Experience : Content Apps - Starting

Basic log in, log out, and navigation information for Perceptive Experience.

Perceptive Experience : Content Apps - Viewing

How to view Perceptive Content documents in Perceptive Experience Content Apps.

Printing a Document to Perceptive Content Using the ImageNow Printer

This documentation provides details on how to print a document to the ImageNow Printer and capture the information into Perceptive Content.