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I want to build a drop down list for PerceptiveContent to limit the choices a user can select.


In certain situations restricting user input to predefined items in a list ensures constant and accurate linking of a document. This allows for better searching and document organization. However the PerceptiveContent desktop application does not make it easy to find the place to create a new list.


In any location that allows you to select a "Predefined List" there will be an entry at the bottom of the existing "Values" dropdown called "Edit Lists..." Select it to start the process.


Select "New"


A new entry is added to the list and is preselected so that you can rename it immediatly. Type in the a concise descriptive name. To help keep the name concise a description will be added in the next step. Hit the "Enter" key to finish the process. 


The new list that was created is empty at this point. To add items reselect the list that was just created and click "Modify" to open the edit dialog box.


When the edit dialog box opens it will be on the "General" tab where you can rename the list if necessary, but more importantly add a description. Please add a clear description. This extremely helpful for people in the future. Even if the name seems to make it obvious. 


Click on the "List Members" tab to start adding items to the list.

Type the item to be added in the "Name" field, and click the "Add" button. The item will be added to the "Values" list.


Repeat the process for each item you want to add to the list.


Items can rearranged in the list by selecting individual items and clicking the "Move Up" or "Move Down" buttons.

When all the items needed have been added and arranged click the "OK" button to finish adding items.


Click the "Close" button to finish the creation process.


Lastly, select the list that was just created from the "Value" drop down.


An example of the new list created and selected.

Now a dropdown will be available that restricts the user to specific set of values that will be consistant.

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