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How do I view documents in Perceptive Experience Content Apps?


How to find, view and manipulate Perceptive Content documents in Perceptive Experience Content Apps.


Log in to Perceptive Experience.

Click on the Documents buttons to launch the Documents application.


The application will launch with a list of the views that you are authorized to see. The list shown here is longer than most. Some users may not see anything more than, "All Documents." (If the list isn't visible at all click the the hamburger menu button in the upper left corner.)

Some views may have a disclosure triangle in front of them. This indicates that a view has one or more filters that further refine the list.

To search for documents click inside the search bar and a small search criteria form will pop up called the "Condition Builder".


Select the field to search on, the search type, and a value to search on. Then click the Add button to add it to the search bar.


The search parameters are added. Additional search parameters can be added by repeating the steps.

When you've added all the search parameters need click the "Search" button.


The results are listed below.


Search results can be refined by adding more search parameters and clicking "Search" again.


Click on any document in the list to view it.


The window may be just contain the document or may have additional panels open such as the page preview and the document properties.

There are three tool bars that can be used to;

  • Manipulate the view  
    • Move to Page
    • Custom magnification
    • Best Fit
    • Fit to Height
    • Fit to Width
    • Set 100%
    • Rotate Counter Clockwise
    • Rotate Clockwise
    • Download Page
    • Delete Page
  • Show and hide panels  
    • Thumbnails
    • Related Documents
    • Related Tasks
    • Forms
    • Properties
  • Perform actions on the document  
    • Return to list
    • Save
    • Create a Task
    • Annotate
    • Add a Page
    • Download
    • Export to PDF
    • Print
    • Email
    • Open in Workflow
    • Remove from Workflow

Save the file to preserve any changes before returning to the list. You can return to the documents list by clicking on the first icon in the Actions toolbar, or by clicking on the view name in the breadcrumb trail in the upper left corner.

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