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Articles about UMICH Accounts, Guest Accounts and Password Management.

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For issues pertaining to accessing UM- Dearborn Connect

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Alumni IT services they keep and lose

This lists the services and software a student has access to when they graduate or leave the university for a period of time.

Changing a UMICH Password

Learn how to change your UMICH password

Enable Cookies in Safari for Duo Remember Me

This article helps users who are having issues with Duo's remember me function on the Safari internet browser.

Setting up Duo Mobile on New Phone or Tablet

This article talks about how to set Duo Mobile on a new phone or tablet.

SONA Password Issues

Subject Pool (aka SONA) comprises undergraduate students enrolled in an introduction to psychology course at the University of Michigan.

Sponsored Account Access

Learn how to request a Sponsored account for someone.

Staff & Faculty Uniqnames and Access

Learn about getting a uniqname and establishing access.

Student Uniqnames

Uniqname information for Students.

Secure Account with Duo 2-Factor Authentication

This provides overview on how to setup Duo two-factor authentication for extra security when logging into a university affiliated tool or system.

Changing a Dearborn Password

Dearborn passwords are used to access certain Staff and Faculty systems. Such as LDAP, Events Calendar & Dearborn Directory.