Staff & Faculty Uniqnames and Access


As Staff or Faculty, how do I get a uniqname?


Your U-M computing account and standard computing services are set up for you when your uniqname is created. There are different processes for getting a uniqname based on a person's relationship to the university.

  • Uniqname creation triggers creation of your profile in the MCommunity Directory, which triggers creation of your account.
  • Access is provided automatically to the centrally provided standard computing services that you are eligible for (based on your university affiliation).
  • Access to enterprise administrative systems on Wolverine Access are managed through the Online Access Request System (OARS).
  • Access to other services may be granted by other departments.



New Full time staff, faculty, and non-student temporary employees  create their own uniqnames and UMICH password through the Human Resources hiring process.  

Access to Departmental Shared Files - Departments must send an email to the ITS Service Desk at to authorize access to shared departmental files. The email must include  full name, uniqname and  UMID number.

Student Employees - Students employees will continue to use their current uniqname and UMICH password.  Departments must send an email to the ITS Service Desk to authorize access to shared departmental files. The email must include  full name,  uniqname,  UMID number and, the shared files to be accessed.

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