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Departments and units can sponsor people to get uniqnames and MCommunity Directory profiles for them (and, in some cases, UMIDs) in either of these two ways:

  • Having their own departmental sponsorship administrator set up the sponsorship using the MCommunity Sponsor System.
  • Requesting sponsorships from the ITS ServiceDesk by submitting a Sponsored Accounts Request Form.

The maximum sponsorship duration is one year. However, sponsorship administrators can renew sponsorships as often as necessary-as long as they are still active.

 If a person has multiple sponsorships, the expiry process happens when the final sponsorship ends.

Sponsored people receive a uniqname and UMICH (Level-1) password if they do not already have them. If they have an old, inactive uniqname, it is re-activated by the sponsorship process, and a new password is set for them.

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These services are automatically provisioned as a result of the sponsorship process:

  • A Uniqname and UMICH Password
  • A profile in the MCommunity directory with an affiliation of "Sponsored Affiliate"
  • An M+Google email account
  • An Active Directory (UMROOT) account which provides login services to the campus network and wireless access.

Sponsored people are those who are affiliated with the university and who need access to online university services or resources but who are not faculty, staff, students, retirees or alumni.  People who already have a uniqname from a previous relationship with the university can be sponsored to allow them to continue to use their uniqname, or to reactivate it if it has been de-activated.

People who get regular uniqnames plus UMIDs include incoming faculty who may need a uniqname before they complete the hiring process, academic affiliates such as visiting research scholars, and contractors or special services providers.   These sponsorships have an end date no later than one full year from creation but can be extended.

Temporary uniqnames without an MCommunity Directory profile can be provided for short term guests, such as groups of visiting students who need access for more than a few days.


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