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Wireless & wired connection issues, VPN, malware (viruses/spyware), cybersecurity

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The UM-Dearborn Virtual Private Network (VPN) is available to all UM-Dearborn students, faculty, staff, and sponsored affiliates with a valid U-M Uniqname and UMICH password. It provides an encrypted VPN for all network-computing needs. VPN provides a secure computing experience when accessing a University of Michigan network from a remote location or when using a wireless connection.

Setting up Wifi on your Windows, Mac, Android and other devices.

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DUO: Getting Blank Two-Factor Prompt on iPhone

To fix the blank screen issue that can occur on the Duo prompt on an iPhone.

Malicious-Website Blocking

Learn why some web-sites are blocked on the UM-Dearborn Network

Some Older Browsers Can't Verify Identity or Security of U-M Websites

This article talks about how using an older browser can be the reason why they can't access U-M websites and how to fix it.