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Information on Classroom and lab technology

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Web-portal being used on instructional computers to offer use of both locally installed and software on demand applications.

Classroom A/V Guides

Instructions on how to use Audio/Visual equipment located in various classrooms at UM-Dearborn. If room is not specifically listed, please use the general classroom AV guide, which implies the room has Software Based Controls.

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Accessibility Products Installed on Campus computers

This article is to help inform customers about various accessibility programs available on all public university and staff computers.

Altertus BYOD Installation for Windows & Mac

Instructions for installing Alertus on personally Windows and Mac devices

Computer Lab locations

Computer Lab locations around campus.

Installing software from the Azure Education Hub

This is a quick start guide for installing Microsoft Project for Windows10.

Public Scanner Locations

Scanner locations and usage guides.

Remotely Access UM-Dearborn Computer Labs via MiDesktop

The MiDesktop VMware website can be used by University students in order to access specific lab resources remotely.