Articles on using Google Meet, and Zoom - the supported video conferencing systems of UM-Dearborn.

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Migrating a Personal Zoom Account to a U-M Zoom Account

This article shows how to obtain a Zoom account affiliated with the University of Michigan

Zoom Teleconferencing: Adding Scheduling Privileges for Meetings

On Zoom you can use the Scheduling Privilege to allow other Zoom users to schedule on your behalf.

Zoom Teleconferencing: Custom Live Streaming Simultaneously Using Facebook

Live streaming can only be set up in a Zoom webinar and by the host. You will need to configure the Facebook Live event and then enable custom live streaming in Zoom. Advance setup of a live stream on Facebook can only be done up to two weeks in advance. If you already have a webinar setup you can just skip to the section that says Create Custom Live Streaming during a live Zoom Webinar

Zoom Teleconferencing: How to Secure Meetings

How to secure Zoom teleconferencing meetings.