Video Conferencing Etiquette


What are some good practices for video conferencing as a host and participant?


This article will suggest some good practices to employ while using video conferencing software/applications. Also, links to helpful pages are provided in this article.


A good practice that applies to everyone who uses video conferencing is making sure you properly leave a meeting so that your audio and video are no longer being shared.


When you are hosting a video conference call there are a few things you should keep in mind,

  •  Share the link to your meeting with your participants. For help with this please visit one of these pages  Google Meet, or Zoom

  •  Being early to the meeting will give you time to get properly get up and ensure that your equipment is working properly and allow you to receive assistance before the meeting if there are technical difficulties

  • Your background environment if you are sharing your video

    • Make sure you are well lit

    • The background should have minimal distractions

    • Your video should be muted if it is not necessary

  • Speak clearly

  • Wear appropriate clothing

  • Knowing how to control your meeting will help it go smoothly

    • Tips on how to mute participants and share files can be found here (Google Meet, and Zoom)



As a participant in a video conference call, it is important to always be respectful but you should also keep a few other things in mind,

  • Mute your audio if you are not talking

  • Mute your video if video is not necessary 

  • Use headphones

  • Ensure your technology is working before the meeting

  • If you need to share your video

    • Make sure you have proper lighting

    • Appropriate clothing should be wore

  • Introduce yourself before speaking/asking a question

  •  Speak clearly and look into the camera when speaking

  • Limit background distractions if you are sharing your video and mute your video if it becomes distracting to other participants

And last but certainly not least be respectful in the chat section.


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