Helpful guides for navigating, and taking advantage of new features, in Windows 10.

Articles (8)

Re-Authenticating Office Products - Windows 10

This article walks through the signing out and then back into Microsoft Office products that may be causing issues or saying they are unlicensed.

Windows 10 - Adding a Network Printer

For adding network printers to your Windows 10 machine.

Windows 10 - Pinning Programs to the Taskbar

Quickly access your most used programs by pinning them to your taskbar.

Windows 10 - Scanning For Viruses/Malware

For help using the Windows Defender software to scan your device and protect against cyber threats.

Windows 10 - Signing Out/Shutting Down

For Signing out, Locking, Shutting down, and Restarting your machine through menus and with shortcuts in Windows 10.

Windows 10 - Software Center User Guide

This article talks about what kinds of software is available through the software center.

Windows 10 Awareness Guide

Awareness guide on process, policies, and usage of the UM-Dearborn Windows 10 image.