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I need to create or edit a weekly template for a location or space I manage.


The open hours of any location or space that uses a weekly template can be easily updated by editing that template. Just set new custom hours or select a new daily template for any day that needs to be changed.


  • Login in to the LibCal dashboard
  • Select "Spaces & Equipment" from the Admin menu at the top of the window.

  • Click the "Hours Templates" tab.

    The Hours Templates lists all of the weekly templates, and after that all of the daily templates. The list shows the name of each template and next to it the days of the week. Listed with each day of the week are either the custom hours set for that day or the name of a daily template that has been assigned to the day. 

    To edit the weekly template click the Edit icon on the right side of the weekly template's listing. Please bare in mind that when you edit a template that it affects all locations and spaces that use that template. Most templates are named by the location or space that uses them. Make sure you are editing the weekly template that your space uses and not someone else's. When in doubt scroll to the bottom of the list and make a new weekly template by clicking the "Add New Weekly Template" button. Make sure to give it a name that starts with the location you're using it for to avoid confusion. 

  • For each day in the weekly template select from the choices shown below.
    • Closed and Open 24 Hours are self-explanatory.
    • Daily templates are predefined hours of the day. You can apply the same template to as many day of the week as you like, or give every day it's own template. The advantage is that if you edit the daily template (see - LibCal: Managing Hours - Daily Templates) every day of the weekly template that uses it is updated at the same time. E.G. Just edit the daily template once and all five days in the weekly template that use it get updated too.
    • Custom hours allow you to set the hours directly. This is for hours that are unlikley to be used again or very often. 

  • To set custom hours;
    • Set the "From" and "To" time.
    • Click the "Add Another Time Pair" to add another set of hours.

  • This is how the custom hours look in the weekly template. Days with a daily template will display the name of the daily template.

  • To set a daily template just select the desired one from the list of daily templates list below the heading "Daily Templates"
  • The results, A daily template as seen in the weekly template while it's being edited.

  • When you have set the hours for each day of the week scroll to the bottom and click the "Save Template" button. It's often hidden below the bottom of the screen and easy to forget or miss. LibCal doesn't warn you of unsaved changes if you leave the page. 

  • If you want to leave the page without making changes click the "Back to Hours Templates" link at the top of the page.

  • The the changes are reflected in the listing of weekly template.

An location or space that is using the template will be updated instantly, although any web pages showing the hours that may be open will have to refreshed.

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