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How do I edit hours for a location or space in LibCal?


How do edit the hours of a location or space from the LibCal dashboard.


  • Login in to the LibCal dashboard
  • Select "Spaces & Equipment" from the Admin menu at the top of the window.

  • Click the "Manage Hours" link for the location of the location or space you want to change.

  • You can edit the hours for the whole location, or individual spaces. If a space has it's own hours they will override the hours set for the location as a whole. In most cases the hours are set on the space. If you are editing the hours of the location skip to the next step. Otherwise select the space that needs changing. The block will open up to show details of the space.

  • To edit the hours click the "edit" icon for the date range that needs to be updated. Most of the time there is only one date range, but you can add multiple date ranges to accomodate different considerations in the schedule like holidays and breaks.
    • For Locations:

    • For Spaces:

  • Edit Date Range, if needed, by clicking the "Date Range" calendar widget.

    • When the calendar pops up just click on the start date and then the end date.
  • Select a weekly template. Weekly templates contain the hours for each individual day of the week. If there was a weekly template that fits your needs then you can click "Update Date Range" and you are done.

    If you need to edit or create a new click the "Manage Hours Templates" link. A new tab will open on your browser so that you can do that and then return back to where you left off so that you can apply the new or edited weekly template. See - LibCal: Managing Hours - Weekly Templates



The hours for a location are adjusted by setting a date range and choosing a weekly template.

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