Services A-Z (82)

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25Live! Classroom Scheduling

Submit a Service Request for the 25Live! Classroom Scheduling Application.


Account Creation

For assistance creating your Umich affiliated account.

Application Team Project Requests

Project Request for ITS development such as enhancements to administrative systems, major patches or upgrades, or data services such as third-party integrations or report development.


Campus Website

Requests for support on the campus website.


CECS Computer Lab Reservation

Reserve CECS Computer Labs

Classroom Emergency

For immediate help, call the Service Desk: 313-593-4357.

Cloud Storage Services

Collaborative tools for storing data

College Scheduler

Submit a Service Request for the College Scheduler Application.


CRM Questions

Submit your Salesforce CRM related questions.

CRM Request

Submit a CRM Service Request.


Digital Signage

Posting digital signage on ITS owned monitors around campus.


For help installing, connecting to, or managing Duo Two-Factor Authentication.



Submit a Service Request for an election.

Email and Calendar Services

U-M Google email & calendar assistance

Equipment Malfunction

Report a problem with the AV equipment in a classroom or lab.

Equipment Request

Request equipment for a classroom or lab, such as a document camera, webcam, or microphone.

Event Calendar

Campus Event Calendar


File Restoration

For lost files on shared drives.


High-performance computing service


GAM-Lab Request (1170 SSB)

For requests from proctors & professors specifically for the GAM Lab in 1170 SSB.

General Request

I don't see a service related to my problem


Hardware Recommendations and Quotes

Requests for new hardware recommendations for faculty and staff.

Help with Wireless

For assistance accessing WiFi on campus.


Image Computer - Windows OS

For imaging and reimaging a university machine that is currently imaged.

IR Project Request

Request data from the IRE office: data, information, research, or analysis.

Izzy Computer- Mac OS

For izzying new and old Apple computers on campus.


Minitab Cloud Service

Request access to the Minitab App Portal.

Moving Phones

When planning on moving phones, please let ITS know.

M-Success Issues

Submit a Service Request for M-Success Issues.


Network Port Activation

Request Network port acitivation

Network Share Drives

Issues accessing or using Network Share Drives.

New or Custom Software Application Request

Submit a New or Custom Software Application Request.

New Printer

Adding and setting up new printers for faculty and staff.

New Server Request


Ordering New Data Line

To request new network or data line installations.


Password of the Day

Guest Password provided to Visitors, Guests, Consultants and Other Non-Employees

Printer Access

Print access requests for faculty and staff.

Printer Problem

For reporting errors and issues with current printers.

Problems with UM-Dearborn affiliated account

Problem with LDAP account

Property Disposition

Let IT handle the proper recycling and disposition of your department technology.


Report a Banner Issue

Report Issues Related to Banner or Self Service (UConnect).

Report a CRM Issue

Report a CRM Related Issue.

Report a Degree Works Issue

Submit an Issue Related to Degree Works.

Report an ImageNow Issue

Report an ImageNow Related Issue.

Report Issue with UM-Dearborn Connect

If you're experiencing and issue with the UM-Dearborn Connect system, use this service.

Request a UPrint Refund

Request a refund to Uprint funds due to misprints or printer errors.

Request Access to Banner or Banner Form

Request Access to Banner Forms.

Request Access to Degree Works

Submit a Degree Works Request.

Request Access to Group Share

Request access to your departmental group share

Request Access to ImageNow

Submit your request for access to ImageNow here.

Request Access to Salesforce

Request Access to UC4

Submit Service Requests for access to UC4.

Request Access to WebFocus or a Report

Submit a request for access to WebFocus, or a specific report within. This request is also used for obtaining access to the Advisor Enrollment History (AEH) report.

Request ITS Loaners

Requests for a short term loaner laptop or desktop.

Request New/Modify UC4 Script

For new scripts of changes to existing ones within UC4.

Request On-Demand Script/Process Execution

Submit a Service Request for On-Demand Script/Process Execution.

Request Tax Information (1098-T) - Non-Active Student

Request your annual tax forms (1098-T)

Request Tech Support

Request a tech to assist with the start of your class or event.

Research Lab Support

Support for research equipment and software in labs

Reset Banner (Oracle) Password

Submit a Request for a Banner Password Reset.


Software Installation

Request software installation on lab computers.

Software Installation

For software installations on university owned machines.

Software Recommendations

Requests for recommendations for software for faculty and staff use.

Sponsored Accounts

Request sponsored account for external users to access University systems.
CECS faculty and staff should request through:

Student Payments

Submit a Service Request Related to Student Payments.


Submit a Service Request for the SwipeCard application.

Symplicity Advocate

Submit a Service Request for Symplicity Advocate.

Symplicity Career

Submit a Service Request for Symplicity Career.


Titanium Counseling Software

Submit a Service Request for Titanium Counseling Software.

Troubleshoot Computer Problem

For troubleshooting technical issues on university machines.


UMICH Login Password Reset

For receiving help resetting Umich passwords for Canvas, M+Google, UMConnect, campus computers and WiFi.

UPrint Station

Report a problem or outage with one of the Uprint Release Stations on campus.


Vendor Support

Support requests from outside vendors contracted with the University of Michigan - Dearborn

Voicemail Pin Reset

For accessing your Voicemail through the phone or online portal.

VPN Problem

Are you having a problem connecting to the VPN?

VPN Setup

Assistance with setting up your VPN.


Web Conferencing

For assistance setting up a web conferencing call.

WebFOCUS Report Request

Request new reports or modifications to existing reports.


For issues with the online WebPrint service.

Wireless Access

The eduroam network provides wireless access for visitors to UM-Dearborn from participating campuses using their home credentials. Likewise, UM-Dearborn students and employees can use their UMICH credentials to acquire wireless access at other participating institutions.