Order, Change, and/or Cancel VoIP Telephone Services


How does one order a new or replacement VOIP service or equipment?


Voice Over IP (VoIP) telephones communicate across our campus data network and are a growing alternative to traditional (analog) telephones.

Additional IP services include:

  • IP Contact Centers
  • IP Fax
  • Softphones
  • SIP Trunks



As of Oct 2017, Phone equipment and service ordering is handled by Authorized Staff in each of the Departmental Units on Campus by placing requests to Ann Arbor's ITCOMM. Department ID Managers are usually Unit Directors; however, they can grant proxy access to individuals in there respective departments. 

Note: Department ID managers can start the setup process in the Manage Access section of this site. ("How to Manage Proxies and Access" instructions are available as either a Microsoft Word or a PDF document.)


To order, change, and cancel telephone services provided by ITCOMM, you will need to talk with your Department ID Manager (or his/her proxy) and have them submit an order for you in the Service Request System

Note: If you are a Proxy or Dept ID Manager, please see This Page for help with Ordering and Reporting in the Service Request System. 

In order to purchase a new phone please contact the ITS Service Desk here at Dearborn (313-593-4357) to verify that the location you'd like to install the phone in has an active network connection.  Once an active port is verified in the area, you may proceed with ordering the phone through Ann Arbor's Service Request System.  For assistance with the ordering process, please contact Ann Arbor's ITCOMM at (734) 763-2000.  Once the phone arrives, Please contact the Dearborn Service Desk to install the phone for you.  

As always, the ITCOMM Customer Service Representatives are here to help you if needed.


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