Google Meet Teleconferencing: Starting and Conducting a meeting


How do I start a Google Meet video call and what can I do in the meeting?


This is article will show you two different ways to start/join a meeting and a few things you can do within the meeting space.



Starting/Joining a meeting:

You can start a Google Meet meeting that you have already scheduled two ways

  • In Google Calendar click on the event created for the meeting and click Join Hangouts Meet


  1. On the next page, you can mute your audio or video before you start the meeting or share your screen by clicking Present
  2. Once you are ready to start the meeting select Join Now.

If you did not schedule a meeting yet a meeting can be started by going to and clicking Join and Start a meeting


Conducting a meeting:

Inviting more participants and sharing meeting information

Once you are in your meeting you invite you can add more people to the meeting by clicking on the People tab and clicking on Add People, this option will send the person you select a link to the meeting and a phone number to call into the meeting.

You can also copy the same information from the Meeting Details tab and send it to the participants however you please.



Muting or Removing Participants 
  1. Select the People tab
  2. Select the person you would like to mute or remove
  3. Select the appropriate options


More Options During a meeting

During a meeting, you can also 

  • Turn on/off Closed Captions
  • Record the meeting. Recordings will be stored in your Google Drive in a folder named Meet Recordings.
  • Share your screen. To share your screen you select the Present Now option



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