Uploading a File for UC4 Processing


How do I upload a file to be processed in UC4?


UC4 is a job scheduling application that is used to automate Banner jobs, scripts, and many other processes. Users may find the need to provide a file to be processed by a UC4 job or process flow. A procedure has been developed for user file submission for UC4 processing.

As a preliminary step,  WinSCP will need to be installed and the university VPN will need to be connected. Both software packages are available on Software Center on university devices. 


Note: Please make sure that you are connected to VPN

  1. Open WinSCP 

a. The desktop icon looks like:


  1. Create a New Site (located in the upper left corner)


  1. Enter the following information and click Login

    1. For Production: 

  • Host Name: apps-banner-proxy-prod.its.umd.umich.edu
  • Port Number: 22
  1. For Test:
  • Host Name: apps-banner-jobsub-test.its.umd.umich.edu
  • Port Number: 22


  1. Enter your username (Uniqname) and click OK


  1. If prompted, click the check box to ‘Never show this banner again’ and click Continue


  1. Enter your password and click OK


  1. Select the appropriate option (1,2, or 3) for the Duo two-factor prompt and click OK


  1. On the right half of the window, select the folder icon as shown below


  1. Enter the directory information as shown (/u02/userinput) and click OK


  1. On the left side of the window, click on the folder icon as shown below


  1. Navigate to the folder that contains the file you wish to upload and click OK

    a. You can do this by entering the path in the Open directory: text box or click on Browse … and navigating to the folder
    In the following image, C:\files is used as an example.  In most cases, the file will be located in your Desktop or Downloads folder.

  1. The files in the directory will load on the left side of the window


  1. Click and drag the file that you want to upload from the left half of the window to the right half. There should be a copy of the file in the right half under the '/u02/userinput' directory


  1. Once finished, you can close the WinSCP application

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