Running a Process/Job in UC4


How do I run a process or job in UC4?


UC4 is a job scheduling application that is used to automate Banner jobs, scripts, and many other processes. Users are able to submit job/process requests for running scripts on demand.

As a preliminary step, users will need to have the university VPN enabled. Information on how to connect to the VPN is provided in the Additional Information section at the bottom of the article.


  1. Refer to Starting the UC4 Application.

  2. Once logged in, click the button for submitting a Request in the top ribbon bar (green triangle).

  3. Search for the job that you want to submit a request for in the Search bar.

  4. Click the Request... button.

  5. If there are any Prompts, fill in the values as needed (example shown, may not apply).

  6. Click the Submit & Close button.

  7. The job name should show up in the Explorer window with the status

  8. You may close the UC4 application once the job is submitted or wait for it to complete.



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