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I don't see a service related to my problem

Submit a CRM Service Request.

Used to request access to the UM-Dearborn Tableau dashboards. WebFOCUS users inherently have access to the UM-Dearborn Tableau dashboards. This form should only be submitted if you do not have, or intend to have, access to WebFOCUS.

Assistance with setting up your VPN.

Submit a request for access to WebFocus, or a specific report within. This request is also used for obtaining access to the Advisor Enrollment History (AEH) report.

Are you having a problem connecting to the VPN?

Request data from the IRE office: data, information, research, or analysis.

Print access requests for faculty and staff.

Request access to the Minitab App Portal.

Report a CRM Related Issue.

Request Access to Banner Forms.

Request new reports or modifications to existing reports.

Report a problem or outage with one of the Uprint Release Stations on campus.

Submit Service Requests for access to UC4.

Remote access to UM-Dearborn campus computers and software.

Guest Password provided to Visitors, Guests, Consultants and Other Non-Employees

Requests for new hardware recommendations for faculty and staff.

Request sponsored account for external users to access University systems.
CECS faculty and staff should request through: myumi.ch/R5Qrq

For assistance creating your Umich affiliated account.

For imaging and reimaging a university machine that is currently imaged.

Let IT handle the proper recycling and disposition of your department technology.

Request a refund to Uprint funds due to misprints or printer errors.

Submit your Salesforce CRM related questions.

Submit a Degree Works Request.