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Frequently Asked Questions about UPRINT


Below is a summary of the most common UPRINT Questions. 


Printing can be done in 1 or 3 ways:

Option 1: From UM Dearborn Lab computer using UPRINT printer mappings.

This option can be used from all UM Dearborn-managed computers

  1. From your document, or page, select Print.

  2. Then choose either 

    • UPRINT (for 1-sided black & white) or 

    • UPRINT duplex (for 2-sided B&W)

    • UPRINT_Color (for 1-sided color) 

    • UPRINT_Color_Duplex (for 2-sided color).

  3. Visit any of the release stations on campus, type your Uniqname and click Release.

Option 2: Web Print from any device (university or personal device)

1. Go to https://uprint.umd.umich.edu/user and login

2. Click Webprint

3. Upload document

The full Webprint process can be found in this Web Print KB Article

Option 3:  Use Mobility Print from any device (university or personal device)

Mobility Printing will allow students to print to UPrint printers around campus from their personal devices across multiple operating systems. This article includes installation instructions for Android, Windows, ChromeOS, iOS, and macOS. These instructions are not to be used on university-owned devices, UPrint printers should already be available on student-facing computers.

All of the following instructions assume that you are on campus connected to MWireless or connected to the University VPN portal through GlobalProtect.


Most common questions for UPRINT:

1. How do I print if I'm not registered this term?

You can deposit funds in $2 and $5 increments into your account, using a credit card on the web or by visiting the Cashier's Office. Once you have an active balance, you will be able to use the UPRINT system.  Your account balance will be debited as you go.  Keep in mind that any unused balance remaining at the end of each term is non-refundable.

2. How do I check the balance in my UPRINT account?

When you log into a campus lab computer, your balance will be automatically displayed.  You can also go the UPRINT website [https://uprint.umd.umich.edu] to view your balance and transaction history.

3. How do I add funds to my account?

Please see the following KB : How to Add Funds to UPRINT account

4. What do I do if my balance runs out during a print job?

If you do not have sufficient funds to cover the cost of printing all pages of your document, it will be held up to 12 hours in your FollowU queue until you add more funds to your account.  If you try to print a job with insufficient funds, you will not be able to print from the release station.

5. What if my printout is defective?

For immediate help, talk to a ServiceDesk tech in 1215 ML or 186 FCS about the problem. Alternatively, please email the Servicedesk (umd-servicedesk@umich.edu) with full details of the problem, location, and time to receive a refund.

6. What happens to my remaining credits once classes are finished?

All accounts are reset the Sunday before the next term (Winter, Summer, and Fall). Any credits not used will be wiped, and if registered for classes, a $25 credit will be added to the account. This will also reset any credits transferred to your account from other students during the previous term.

7. Is the $25 credit real money?

No. This is only a credit amount to account for pages printed. Unused credits are not redeemable for cash and do not roll over to the next semester.

8.  How do I connect from my personal computer to print to a UPRINT printer? 

The recommended way to print from a personal device is to use the WebPrint Option. Webprint can be accessed at this link :


Please see the How to Use Web Print KB for more information on usage. 

9. I submitted a job in Webprint but the status is showing "submitted : Processing...". What does that mean?

When Webprint is receiving a great deal of print jobs or many large jobs, a load spike will occur. At that point, all new jobs will be backlogged until the previous jobs processed.. If your webprint job still shows "Processing" after 10 minutes, please contact the ITS ServiceDesk  to look into Webprint.

10. Can Alumni account print using UPRINT?

Yes, Alumni can access the UPRINT system; however, they must login to UPRINT using their UMICH Uniqname and Password. This will create their UPRINT account. After a successful login, they can Add Credit to their account.

11. Can I use UPRINT to print out my Student Organization Banners and Posers?

Student Orgs should contact the Office Of Student Life to request banner, flyer or poster printing services. More information can be found here. Although UPRINT Credit can be used to print items, it is non-refundable and not recommend for high-quality printing.

12. What are the charge amounts for black/white and color print jobs?

Accounts will be debited $.05 for black/white or $.30 for color. Duplex printing, A.K.A. 2-sided printing, counts as 2 pages. Therefore, a B&W 2-sided print job would cost $.10 and a color 2-sided job would cost  $.60.


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