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Mobility Printing will allow students to print to UPrint printers around campus from their personal devices across multiple operating systems. This article includes installation instructions for Android, Windows, ChromeOSiOS, and macOS. These instructions are not to be used on university-owned devices, UPrint printers should already be available on student-facing computers.

All of the following instructions assume that you are on campus connected to MWireless or connected to the University VPN portal through GlobalProtect.



  1. Click this link from your computer, it will take you to the webpage shown here
  2. Click the Download button to download the Mobility Print executable, if you do not see it at the bottom of your browser window check your Downloads folder.  
  3. Click the installer to run it. This will bring up a Windows Administrator prompt, you will need to be an administrator on your computer or know the admin credentials to move past this step.
  4.  After you input the admin credentials the installation will start by asking you to select a language, select your preferred language and then click OK

  5. Accept the End User License Agreement and click Next


  6. Select the UPrint printers you would like to use and click Next


  7. Enter your uniqname and password and click Next

  8. And you’re finished! You can select the UPrint printer from the Printer menu in whichever application you are printing from and your print job will be waiting at a UPrint station for you to release




  1. On your Mac, click this link and the following setup page will be displayed.
  2. Click Download and run Mobility Print. The Mobility Print installer is downloaded, check your Downloads folder if you do not see the installer.
  3. Run the Mobility Print client installer and follow the prompts.

  4. All of the UPrint printers will be available when you go to print. When you attempt to print to a UPrint printer you will be asked for your username and password type in your uniqname and password here and select Ok and your print job will be sent to a UPrint release station.



  1. Click this link from your iOS device, if it does not automatically open in Safari copy and paste it into Safari. Click Download and then. Allow on the prompt that comes up  


  1. The Papercut Mobility Print profile should have been downloaded. Open Settings and you should see Profile Downloaded near the top of the page, if it is not visible there go to General > VPN & Device Management

  2. Tap on the PaperCut Mobility Print for iOS profile and then select Install in the top right corner. Enter your devices passcode if prompted to do so and then select Install again

  3. When you select print from your iOS device the UPrint printers should be available in the Printer menu. When you select a UPrint printer you will be asked for your username and password, type in your uniqname and password here and then you’re ready to print. Your print job will be waiting at a UPrint station for you to release.




  1. Click this link from your Android device and you should be taken to the webpage below. Tap the Install or Update button and the Google Play Store should open to the Mobility Print install page, tap Install 
  2. Once the installation finishes tap Open to be taken to the Mobility Print application

  3. Mobility Print needs to be able to send you notifications to work properly so if prompted to allow notifications select Ok if you are not prompted tap the Tap here to turn on all Mobility Print notifications option in the application and then turn on Allow notifications you can set the other options on this page however you prefer.
  4. When you are ready to print tap the current printer selection, which may be 'Save as PDF', and select a UPrint printer if you do not see the one you need tap All Printers for the full list of printers

  5. After you select the desired printer tap Print or the printer icon and tap Ok on the "Use Mobility Print?" prompt

  6. You should get a notification saying that "Your job needs authentication" tap on that notification

  7. Enter your uniqname and password and tap Sign in and Print.   Note: If this is not your own device or if it is used by multiple users you should uncheck the "Remember me" option at the bottom of the page.


You should get a notification that your print job was submitted and you're done. Your print job will be waiting for you to release it at a UPrint station.



We do not currently have step-by-step instructions for ChromeOS but it is supported, you can click this link to get started.


For additional information, check these categories in the Knowledge Base:

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Still need assistance? See the following related services:

UM-Dearborn ITS Service Desk

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