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How do I operate the AV equipment in an instructional space?


Classrooms throughout the Dearborn campus are designed to have a nearly identical configuration to other instructional spaces, ensuring consistency in their setup. Additionally, they all follow a standardized procedure for operating the audio/visual (AV) equipment within each room.

The standard instructional space setup features the following:

Desktop PC (Windows 10), 24" Monitor, Projector, Room Sound System, BYOD Connections (HDMI, VGA), Document Camera

Special Rooms May include:
Wacom Touch Screen Drawing Tablet, Lapel/Lavalier Microphone, Microphone Controller, Touch Panel, Camera (Recording Lectures/lecturer)

If you are in the following rooms, please select the guide for your location:

General Room AV Guide

If you have not logged into the instructor station, please do so before proceeding.

Note: Upon logging in the computer is set to return the computer and AV settings to their defaults. This includes setting screen/projector projection settings and resolution, audio output device and volume, launching AppsAnywhere, and launching AV control software.

For Standard Classrooms, AV equipment is controlled from the computer using a program called "Projector Controls AC".

  • On/Off: Turns the projector/TV On or Off
    • Please allow the system to complete the power-on cycle after clicking "On". (Approximately 45 seconds)
  • PC (Default): Projects image from instructor station PC to the projector
  • VGA: Projects computer screen to the projector using BYOD VGA cable
  • HDMI: Projects computer screen to the projector using BYOD HDMI cable
  • Cam: Turns on the document camera and launches document camera software.
    • The document camera can also be turned on by launching the Document Camera program located on the desktop.
  • Hide/Show Screen: Temporarily pauses/resumes projecting audio and video to projector/room sound system.
  • Audio Settings
    • Mute Audio: Mutes room audio 
    • Decrease Volume: Decreases room audio output level 
    • Set Volume to 50%: Sets room audio output volume to 50%
    • Increase Audio: Increases room audio output level
      • Audio can be sent to room sound system without powering on the projector by selecting audio option 2 or 3.


Accessing Additional Software- AppsAnywhere


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For immediate help, call the Service Desk to receive a quick resolution to classroom equipment malfunctioning.


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