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How do I operate the AV equipment in an instructional space?


Classrooms throughout the Dearborn campus are designed to have a nearly identical configuration to other instructional spaces, ensuring consistency in their setup. Additionally, they all follow a standardized procedure for operating the audio/visual (AV) equipment within each room.

The standard instructional space setup features the following:

Desktop PC (Windows 10), 24" Monitor, Projector, Room Sound System, BYOD Connections (HDMI, VGA), Document Camera

Special Rooms May include:
Wacom Touch Screen Drawing Tablet, Lapel/Lavalier Microphone, Microphone Controller, Touch Panel, Camera (Recording Lectures/lecturer)

If you are in the following rooms, please select the guide for your location: ELB 2380/2382, ELB 2390, ELB 2392, IAVS 1040 (BorgWarner), SSB 1400, SSB 1500, SSB 1600

General Room AV Guide

If you have not logged into the instructor station, please do so before proceeding.

Note: Upon logging in the computer is set to return the computer and AV settings to their defaults. This includes setting screen/projector projection settings and resolution, audio output device and volume, launching AppsAnywhere, and launching AV control software.

For Standard Classrooms, AV equipment is controlled from the computer using a program called "Projector Controls AC".

  • On/Off: Turns the projector/TV On or Off
    • Please allow the system to complete the power-on cycle after clicking "On". (Approximately 45 seconds)
  • PC (Default): Projects image from instructor station PC to the projector
  • VGA: Projects computer screen to the projector using BYOD VGA cable
  • HDMI: Projects computer screen to the projector using BYOD HDMI cable
  • Cam: Turns on the document camera and launches document camera software.
    • The document camera can also be turned on by launching the Document Camera program located on the desktop.
  • Hide/Show Screen: Temporarily pauses/resumes projecting audio and video to projector/room sound system.
  • Audio Settings
    • Mute Audio: Mutes room audio 
    • Decrease Volume: Decreases room audio output level 
    • Set Volume to 50%: Sets room audio output volume to 50%
    • Increase Audio: Increases room audio output level
      • Audio can be sent to room sound system without powering on the projector by selecting audio option 2 or 3.


Accessing Additional Software- AppsAnywhere


Still Need assistance?


For immediate help, call the Service Desk to receive a quick resolution to classroom equipment malfunctioning.


ITS Service Desk
Phone: (313) 593-HELP (4357)
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