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  • How do I operate the AV in ELB 2380/2382/2390/2392

ELB 2380/2382 is a larger classroom space that is actually 2 classrooms that are joined together, but using a wall divider can be split into two separate classrooms. The computers for the classroom(s) are located in ELB 2388 and are labeled with the room number it belongs to.

ELB 2390/2392 are two classrooms that share a similar configuration to ELB 2380/2382.

Room Features

  • Projector, 12 TVs, BYOD (HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort), lapel mic, Camera, and microphone, PS752 Document Camera

General Room Operation

To turn on the AV equipment in the room, press the button on the touch panel.

Note: The layout of the touch panel buttons will change depending on which mode the room is in.

  • PC (Default): Projects image from instructor station PC to the projector
  • VGA: Projects computer screen to the TVs/Projector using BYOD VGA cable
  • HDMI: Projects computer screen to the TVs/Projector using BYOD HDMI cable
  • DisplayPort: Projects computer screen to TVs/Projector using BYOD DisplayPort cable
  • Display Mute: Temporarily stop projecting computer to TVs/Projector
  • Program Audio: Room speaker volume
  • Lectern Audio: Volume of instructor station microphone output 
  • Projector On/Off: Turns on the projector

Explanation of Room Modes

There are two modes that change how the room functions and can be switched by pressing the "Room Mode" button on the touch panel.

  • Active Mode- Changes room projection so that each TV can be operated independently using the connection points below the TV.

    • TVs in the room will position themselves to be flat on the walls of the room

    • Selecting a TV from the instructor station while in Active mode will mirror the inputs from the selected TV to the entire room. (In a classroom setting, this would be useful when presenting group work so you do not have to use the instructor station)

      • Contact ITS for additional information on setup and use.

Touch Panel Layout- Active Mode

  • Lecture Mode: Changes room projection to a typical classroom. Instructor station input will display on all TVs/Projector in the room.

    • TVs will move away from the wall for easy viewing angles.

  • Touch Panel Layout- Lecture Mode

Explanation of Wall Modes

Note: This setting is only present in ELB 2380/2382

WARNING: Changing the settings of the wall mode is not advised. Only change the setting if half of the classroom TVs power on.

  • Closed Wall- The room configuration will change to reflect 2380/2382 is split into two classrooms.

    • When powering on the system in closed wall mode, the only TVs that will move are those that belong to that half of the room.

  • Touch Panel Layout- Closed Wall Mode


  • Touch Panel Layout- Open Mode


How to Change Wall Mode:

NOTE: You will need to make sure the system is OFF before the option to change wall mode will become available

  1. Turn off the system from the touch panel.

  2. Press and hold the Active/Wall Mode button (Bottom Right Corner) to swap between the two modes.

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