UPRINT - PDF Print Job Not Printing


  • Adobe gives an error message saying a document can not be printed.

  • PDF sends to the printer, job can be released, but print is slow and/or is stuck at "Processing"


When a PDF's file size is too large  Adobe will on occasion show an error message that the PDF cannot be printed or the document will proceed to the print queue but will not print despite being released, and charged. Symptoms include slow print (1 page every few minutes) or a message on the printer that the job is "Processing". 


If you get an error message in Adobe Reader:

  1. Go to File > Print Advanced > Print As Image > OK.
  2.  Print to the desired printer.


  1. Go to the print screen File > Print.

  2. Select the printer Microsoft Print to PDF from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click Print and there will be a prompt asking the user to name and save the file. Rename it, change the file location to the Desktop and click Save.

  4. Close the original document and open the new version from the Desktop and print to the desired printer.


If your job is stuck in the queue and not processing or you were double-charged for a print job, please contact the ITS ServiceDesk for further assistance.

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