Student Communication and Targeted Emails


How do I send an email to all UM-D Students?


This guide is to instruct faculty how to properly send email to individual students, mass email to a specified group of students, or the entire student body.



All Students

Any communication to be sent to all students is to be sent through the Sunday all student newsletter. This newsletter is managed by the Dean of Students. You can submit your information through the request form.

Targeted Communications to Student Groups

Note Please give External Relations at least one week from the time a request is submitted to when it needs to be sent.

  1. Complete the necessary request form with the minimum required information.
  2. Communication specialists in External Relations will assist with any additional content, create a draft email, and provide a proof for approval.
  3. Upon approval, the External Relations will compile the target audience information and dispatch the email.

Inquiries and Support

Contact Information: For any questions regarding student communications, please reach out to

For additional information, check these categories in the Knowledge Base:

Email Groups at UM-Dearborn


Still Need assistance? See the following related services:

Email and Calendar Services

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