Obtaining a U-M Google Shared Account


How do I get a U-M Google Shared Account?


U-M Google Shared accounts (formally departmental accounts) are full service U-M Google accounts. This means that they are provisioned with all services, specifically mail and calendar, which will likely be utilized the most.

Learn more about these accounts at: http://documentation.its.umich.edu/node/501.

IMPORTANTWe do not recommend using a Shared Account to establish a Google+ identity or profile. If you want to use Google+ to represent someone or something other than yourself -- like your business, brand, unit, or project -- we suggest you create a Google+ page or community instead as they provide more flexible and robust platforms for communicating with your audience.

These accounts are provisioned by the U-M Google team in Ann Arbor.


Note: If you are a student requesting a shared account for a student organization, this request must be made by your faculty/staff adviser.

Requests for U-M Google accounts can be submitted using the Shared Account Request Form

Shared accounts must be 9 characters or greater and we suggest following the naming scheme.

Departmental Account Email address (e.g. Deptprefix-Specifics )

 Display Name 

An Example of a Shared U-M Google Account would be:

Departmental Account Email address =  its-opscon@umich.edu

Display Name = ITS Opperations


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