Zoom Teleconferencing: Troubleshooting for Participants


I am having trouble various issues joining a Zoom Web Conference.


This is a general page of troubleshooting created for using Zoom Teleconferencing broken up into categories. For the problems that are host related please reach out to the host. All other problems that you have outside of this document please contact the service desk @ (313)593-HELP (4357) or by email umd-servicedesk@umich.edu
Check the main page for hours and more information here ITS Service Portal





Q. What information do I need to attend the meeting?

A. You should have received a Meeting Invitation from the host, it contains the topic and time/date of the meeting in respect to the time zone. Additionally the information you are looking for is the following:

  • Zoom Meeting Link
  • Meeting ID
  • Password (optional)
  • Dial-In Numbers


Q. I received an invitation but it says I have to register.

A. Register for the meeting using the link provided in the invitation, then after you register you will receive a confirmation email with the following information

  • Zoom Meeting Link
  • Meeting ID
  • Password (optional)
  • Dial-In Numbers


Q. My audio and/or video is not working.

A. Zoom provides videos on how to test/setup your audio and video.


Q. My audio and video tested out fine but no one can hear me.

A. Check to make sure that you are not muted or that the host does not have the participants on mute.


Q. How do I get those sweet sweet virtual backgrounds that everyone has?

A. Zoom has instructions on how to use the virtual backgrounds if you really want to have the best quality virtual background you could purchase a physical green screen but it isn’t necessary. What is most important are you computer specifications you must have the following:

Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit) 

  • Zoom Desktop Client for PC, version 4.4.53582.0519 or higher 
  • 4th generation i7 quad-core or higher processor, running at 2.0 Ghz or higher 
  • AMD Ryzen 5/7/9 or higher

Mac OS

  • Zoom Desktop Client for Mac,  4.6.0 (13614.1202) or higher 
  • 4th generation i7 quad-core or higher processor 6th generation i5 dual-core or higher processor Note: 6th generation i5 dual-core processor, requires MacOS 10.14 or higher

Those requirements are just for still image backgrounds, it may still work if your computer does not meet the specifications but it just may run slow. For video backgrounds and more detailed information about the requirements go here: System requirements for Virtual Backgrounds




Message: “Meeting Registration”

Solution: Fill out the information to register for the meeting, this will allow you access to the meeting. 


Message: “Please wait, the meeting host will let you in soon.”

Solution: The host has created a waiting room to screen people before they come in, wait or contact the host if you are not let in.


Message: “Enter Meeting Password”

Solution: Enter the password for the meeting to join. If you do not have a password please contact the host or check your meeting invitation for it..


Message:  “You cannot log into your Zoom account using this method. Contact your IT administrator for instructions”

Solution: Make sure you are going to https://umich.zoom.us and choosing join from there.


Message: “The meeting requires registration to join and it is not supported to join from the browser. Please try to launch meeting if you have Zoom client installed”

Solution: You can only join this type of meeting from the Zoom App, please download the app from here: https://zoom.us/download.


Message: “This meeting is for authorized attendees only”

Solution: This meeting requires that you have a Zoom account to join. Go to https://umich.zoom.us sign into your account and then join the meeting.


Error Code 3000: “The server encountered an internal error and was unable to process your request"

Solution: If you get this the meeting is set so that only umich account users can join. Please join the meeting with your umich account login or contact the host.



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