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How do I start / conduct a meeting with Zoom?


This will show you how to start and run a Zoom meeting. While it does not cover everything it gives you enough to get started and be in control of all the important features. Before we start you should have already created your Zoom account and setup a meeting, if you haven't created your account please go to https://umich.zoom.us/ and follow these Zoom Teleconferencing: Scheduling a Meeting instructions to schedule your meeting before coming to this page 


These instructions are mainly for the web app.


1. Navigate to the University of Michigan Zoom page at https://zoom.umich.edu and click Sign in using your umich uniqname and kerberos password.



2. From here click on Meeting on the right side of the page, find your meeting  name and click start meeting



3. Next select your Audio, you should choose Join by Computer Audio. This is assuming you are on a computer, if not select the appropriate choice.





1. Once you have selected your audio you will come to this main screen, in this image the participants and host video are labeled. 




2. Lets get familiar with the menu on the screen at the bottom from left to right we have


  • Mute/Unmute - Turns off/on your audio
  • Start Video - Turns off/on your video
  • Invite - Allows you to invite participants to the meeting.
  • Manage Participants - this is where the options are to manage the people currently in the meeting.
  • Share Screen - Allows you to share your computer screen with the participants.
  • Chat - Allows messaging within the participant group.
  • Record - Records the meeting
  • Closed Caption - Turns closed captions on/off.
  • Breakout Rooms - Allows you to create rooms divided between groups of participants
  • More - ...Additional Options
  • Leave Meeting - Exits the meeting


Manage Participants and Chat opens up the following windows on the screen

Manage Participants

From here you can mute all the participants if needed and if you click on the participants name you are given more options. From muting their audio to removing them if necessary.



Everyone in the group can chat with each other here.


This should be enough to get you going with the meeting, when you are done just click leave meeting.


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