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Matlab is available at no cost to University of Michigan faculty, staff, and students due to a collaboration between ITS, the College of Engineering, ARC-TS, Michigan Medicine, and U-M Dearborn. It can be downloaded and installed on your personal computer / device.


1. Go to the University Mathworks Portal to begin

2. Click where it says sign in to get started.

3. Sign in with umich account

4. Create account using your email address

5. Once your account is created you will be prompted with the Matlab download page. Download the most recent version.

6. Select your Operating System to download and run the installer

7. Select log in with Mathworks Account

8. Use your account you just created to log in

9. Choose Select a license, it should be autofilled for you and click next to continue installing the file.

Note: Verification may be required. If prompted, click the link highlighted in blue and proceed with the verification process by going through a umich weblogin and duo prompt. 


10. The software that you need should already be selected, if not, make the selections now.

11. Download will start and install afterwards.

12. Next, activate the license, make sure you put in your Windows user name: - Note: faculty / staff use uniqname


13. Run the program to make sure it is set up.

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