AppsAnywhere Usage: Application Web Portal Used on Campus (Instructional Computers)


What is AppsAnywhere and how do I use it?


AppsAnywhere is web-portal is being used at UM-Dearborn to offer some software titles on a demand basis across campus. As the library of titles grows, more software will be available in more places.


Accessing Software on a UM-Dearborn Instructional Windows Computer with AppsAnywhere

Instructional computers will have both the AppsAnywhere client and Cloudpaging player installed, allowing for on demand software titles to be installed as needed and replaces the start menu for all applications.

  • When logging into a classroom or lab machine on campus, a web browser will come up with a software library of software that can be used on that computer in place of the start menu.
  • Once logged in, a validation process starts which will be displayed (blue bar) at the top of the browser window. Once successfully validated, a successful validation is reported (green bar) and the apps available will be seen. The green validation bar will disappear after a few seconds.
    • The validation process should happen automatically for all classroom and lab machines as software clients for AppsAnywhere's are already installed.

Local vs Cloudpaging applications

The AppsAnywhere web-portal replaces using the start menu by including links to both locally installed and software on-demand applications. 

  • When holding your mouse over the software icon, it will say either via Locally Deployed or via Cloudpaging.

  • Hover over your desired application and click on the green Launch button that appears.
    • If locally deployed, the application links to software installed on the computer and opens it automatically.
    •  If opened with Cloudpaging, the application downloads and launches with the Cloudpaging player. This player will display the status for each application launched on your computer and will allow you to launch, start, stop, and removed from within.
    • The application will not run if you remove the application from the Cloudplayer.
    • Use the Cloudpaging Player to remove applications (see the Removing an Application section below). 

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