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How do I get my content posted on UM-Dearborn digital signage.


Digital signage refers to electronic displays that show different types of content such as image slide shows, menus, advertisements, maps, emergency notifications, and more. 

ITS does not approve content being posted on signage. There are unit-specific UM-Dearborn Content Managers that have control over the design and content that can be posted.  To post something to digital signs, you will need to get approval from the Content Manager(s) overseeing those signs. 


1. First, review the following Brand policies:

Review the following :

2. Next, create your content using the following guidelines:

  • Construction guidelines
    • Best supported formats are JPG, PNG, PDF, MP4. 
    • PPT(x) is not supported. 
    • Image resolution should be 1920x1080 pixels
    • Video resolution should be 1080p 
    • Minimum font should be 24 points.
  • Converting Slides to Images
    • PowerPoint 2016 and newer slide size to save images at 1920x1080
      • Select the "Design" tab
        •  Click "Slide Size" and then "Custom Slide Size"

PPT Slide Size 01

  • Click "Slides sized for:" and Select "Custom"
    • Set Width to 20 inches
    • Set Height to 11.25 inches
    • Click "OK"

  • Google Slide page setup to save images at 1920x1080
    • Click "File" and then "Page setup"
      • Select "Custom" and "Pixels"
      • Enter "1920", "1080", and click "Apply"

3. To get your content approved and posted to signage, follow this process:

  1. Start a new email and address it to 
  2. Include the following information in the email
    • Attach the file you would like posted (refer to construction guidelines)
    • The locations you would like the content posted to (can be all signs on campus or just a select few).
    • Posting Start Date
    • Posting End Date

For additional information, check these categories in the Knowledge Base:

Adobe Creative Cloud Access: Students | Faculty | Staff

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