Enable Cookies in Safari for Duo Remember Me


Enabling cookies in Safari for the Duo "Remember this device for 7 days" feature.


Duo has a feature called "Remember this device for 7 days". This allows a duo to remember the device a user is signing in with for a week, so they don't have to authenticate their account every time they sign in.


Macintosh Computer

  1. Click the "Safari" menu

  2. Click the "Preferences" menu item

  3. Click the "Privacy" option

    1. "Prevent cross-site tracking" should NOT have a check mark (must be unchecked)

    2. "Block all cookies" should NOT have a check mark (must be unchecked)

  4. You may need to relaunch Safari or at least reload your page to use the new settings

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

  1. From your home screen, go to Settings > Safari

  2. Make sure "Block All Cookies" is unchecked

  3. Make sure "Prevent cross-site tracking" is unchecked

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