Leaving Feedback on a Knowledge Base Article


How do I submit Feedback on Knowledge Articles?


After you've read through an article, please let us know if the information was helpful or not. Your feedback is invaluable to the Knowledge Base's success! 


You do not need to be signed into the ITS Self Service Site to leave feedback on an article. 

To leave feedback, scroll down to that bottom of a Knowledge base Article and look for a section with "Was this helpful?"

Click Yes or No to let us know whether the article helped you or not.

Note: Choosing either option allows you to leave additional feedback. Please leave us some feedback on any article that did not help you. Let us know why the article was unhelpful (Is it missing information? Was the information incorrect? Was the information unclear?). The more information you provide, the better we can serve you and the UM-Dearborn community.

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