Configure Your Slack Notifications

By default, only direct messages (DMs), mentions, and keywords will trigger notifications in Slack. You can change your preference to be notified about all new messages sent in conversations you're a part of, or nothing at all.


🔗Download the desktop app


Desktop Notifications 

Click your profile picture in the sidebar.



  • Select Preferences from the menu to open your notification preferences.

  • Under Notify me about, choose your notification triggers.

  • To use different triggers for your mobile notifications, check the box next to Use different settings for my mobile devices, then select your preference from the drop-down menu.

  • To disable notifications for threads, uncheck the box next to Notify me about replies to threads I’m following.



Set Your Badge Notification Preferences (Windows) 


When you have an unread notification, you’ll see a badge in the top right corner of the Slack app icon on your desktop.


On Windows, you'll see badge notifications in two places: in your taskbar and in your notifications area.


By default, the Slack icon will flash once when receiving a notification if your computer has been idle for 10 seconds. You can choose to have the icon flash when you're active: 

Click your profile picture in the sidebar.


Select Preferences.

Scroll down to Flash window when a notification is received and select Always.


Notifications area

By default, the Slack app will run in the notifications area even when the window is closed. Choosing not to leave the app running will remove the Slack icon and badges from your notifications area. Here's how to keep the app from running in the notifications area when the window is closed:

Click your profile picture in the sidebar.


Select Preferences.

Click Advanced.

Below Other Options, uncheck the box next to Leave app running in notification area when the window is closed.


Manage Channel-Specific Notifications

If you'd like to change what messages you're notified about in specific channels or direct messages, you can configure conversation-specific notifications. If you'd rather not receive notifications about any messages in a particular channel or direct message, you can mute the conversation.

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