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Addressing frequently asked questions about the "Remember Me" checkbox in Duo


Duo is used for 2-Factor AUTHENTICATION.


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What is Remember Me and how does it work?

The Duo “Remember Me” feature will present a checkbox that will allow the bypass of additional two-factor prompts for 7 days for that browser.  This functionality is cookie based within the browser and therefore is browser specific.  Using multiple browsers or devices as well as incognito or private browsing windows will require use of two-factor even if you had checked the box in a different browser or window.

Why isn’t Duo remembering me when I log into a server (or other unsupported app)?

Remember Me is limited to applications accessed via Weblogin only and does not apply to SSH or RDP server access, Flux, or logins to  Access to Michigan Medicine resources requiring two-factor will continue to require users to two-factor at each login.

I checked remember me but I don’t want to be remembered anymore.

If you had previously checked the Remember Me box and wish to cancel that 7 day window, you will need to clear cookies from and

Why is the checkbox grayed out?

If you are setup to have Duo automatically push when logging in, you will need to cancel the pending request in order to check the box.  After checking the box, auto push will continue to work and the box will remain checked on browsers that have been remembered in the past.

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