Retrieving Log Files from Banner Jobs



How can I retrieve output from Banner Jobs that are invoked via Banner or UC4?


Banner jobs produce output in the form of logs or generated files.  This KB will discuss how to retrieve these items.

As a preliminary step,  WinSCP will need to be installed and the university VPN will need to be connected. Both software packages are available on Software Center on university devices. 


The location of the files will depend on two factors: 1) Whether you are in production, test, or qa; 2) How long it has been since you ran the job, of which you are searching for the log files.

  1. Open WinSCP from your start menu
  2. If you do not have them configured already, you can specify the SFTP server that you want to connect to: 
    • Production:  Port 22
    • QA:   Port 22
    • Test:  Port 22
  3. Click Login
  4. Login with your UMICH credentials and DUO authentication
  5. The left-side of the application is your desktop and the right-side is the Banner server.  On the right-side you need to navigate to the following folder: 
    • Production: /u02/home/jobsub/gurjobs/BANP
    • QA: /u02/home/jobsub/gurjobs/BANQ
    • Test: /u02/home/jobsub/gurjobs/BANT
  6. Sort by the Changed column, descending, to find the most recent jobs.  After a certain amount of time, the files are transitioned to a delete sub-folder.  You can navigate to the delete sub-folder to see if your file is there, if it has been a few days since you ran the job.
  7. Once you find the file[s] that you are looking for, select all of the files on the right, and right-click the files.  Click Download...
  8. Click OK, to transfer the files to the location on the left-side of your screen

If the files are needed to be stored for long-term storage, consult with the Safe Computing guide for proper storage locations.


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