Mapping a Network Drive on a PC or Mac



How do I map a UM-Dearborn network shared drive on a PC or Mac?


Many users save data to their UM-Dearborn (H:) drive or need access to group folders (S:) for department files. These folders are on the network and must be mapped to your computer in order to access them. The following procedure explains how to map a drive.


The instructions for mapping a network drive vary based on your computer OS, you can follow the links below to jump to the appropriate steps.

Connecting to these network drives will require the user to be on-campus and connected to a campus network (ethernet or MWireless) OR connected via VPN if off-site.

Procedure for PC/Windows

Procedure for macOS

Procedure for PC/Windows

1. Go to the drive list. You can get to this by double-clicking the This PC (Windows 10) icon on the desktop.

2. Near the top of the window, click on Map network drive.

3. In the Drive drop-down menu, select the appropriate letter.

Note: Common drive letters are H for home drive (the "H drive") and S for Groups (department shares),

4. In the Folder field type the correct network path.

  • For the (H:) umd-home drive, the path is "\\\UNIQNAME", with UNIQNAME replaced with your uniqname in all lowercase letters.
  • For the (S:) Groups drive, the path is "\\\groups".

5. Make sure that Reconnect at logon is checked.

6. If you are mapping a network drive to your university machine, do NOT select Connect using different credentials. If you are mapping to a personal machine, check this box.


7. Click finish.

Note: Selecting Connect using different credentials in the previous step will now prompt you for a username and password. Make sure your username is UMROOT\UNIQNAME , where UNIQNAME is replaced with your uniqname in all lowercase letters. Your password will be your Kerberos password (the same one you use for logging into university computers and email). Check the Remember my credentials box.

8. To add a shortcut to your Desktop for easy access, right click on the Desktop. Under the New menu, click on Shortcut.

9. In the Type the location of the item field, type the network path you used to map the drive above and click next.


10. You may rename the drive by entering a new name in the Type a name for this shortcut field. Click Finish and your shortcut will appear on the Desktop.


Procedure for macOS

On a university imaged Mac, your (S:) umd-groupshares and (H:) umd-home drives can be mapped under the block M in the macOS Menu Bar.

1. On a personal Mac, the shares can be mapped manually. Click on the Go menu in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Click on Connect to Server... in the drop-down menu.

2. In the Server Address field, type the correct network path.

  • For the (H:) umd-home drive, the path is "smb://", with UNIQNAME replaced with your uniqname in all lowercase letters.
  • For the (S:) Groups drive, the path is "smb://".

You can save a server as a favorite by using the + button in the lower left-hand corner.

3. You may be prompted to enter your credentials to connect to our server - enter your uniqname and U-M password. You can check "Remember this password in my keychain" to not require this for future connection attempts.

4. Once mapped, the network share drive can be found in Finder under Locations. You can disconnect by using the Eject button.

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