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Printing at the University of Michigan-Dearborn is a service supported in most cases by Information Technology Services. It is utilized by nearly every department and organization on campus, including the student population. However, these groups typically have different types of printing hardware, in different locations, set up in different ways and are utilized differently.

Support for Faculty and Staff printing is controlled through different groups within MCommunity. Being a member of a particular print group will allow access to a particular printer(s) for that designated group. Each group has an owner and various members of the print group. Owners can designate other members of the group as having privileges to add others to that group. Operations staff can add or remove users from these groups, but it is the responsibility of the group owner to manage their groups.

Print groups are visible under My Groups in MCommunity, as a member of ITS you can view all campus print groups, to find which printers are associated with those groups you can use the UMD-PS1 Printer shares Google Sheet. The document lists printer name, location, department and subunit, MCommunity group, MAC Address, IP Address, Serial Number, Asset Tag (where applicable) and model. If you determine that a user has been added to the print group, you can then use this document to find the printer that belongs to that group. Detailed instructions for installing network printers can be found here for Windows installs and here for Mac installs. Additionally when installing Xerox copiers on a Mac there is a different process outlined here.

Printing for students is an entirely different process. Students use the UPrint stations located around campus. Each student is given a balance of $25.00 at the start of the semester to use for printing documents, with the ability to reload a balance when the $25.00 has been used.


The Service Desk functions as a first line of support for all UM-Dearborn managed printers. This includes all network printers, and purchased office printers with the exception of Xerox devices, which are supported directly by Xerox.

Service Desk Technicians are responsible for surface level maintenance of printers on campus including local, network and UPrint stations. Tasks that service desk technicians are responsible for when there is a reported printer issue include:

Paper jams

Print Release Station Resets

Toner replacement

Power cycling printers

As stated, most of these tasks are surface level and should not requiring any part of the printer that is not readily accessible via an exterior door or compartment. A good rule of thumb (since most printers on campus are HPs) is that if you are need to adjust any blue tabs or levers to access a particular area, its best left for the Print Team.

The Print Team serves as the main printer acquisition, installation, maintenance and decommissioning group within ITS. They also handle the more involved troubleshooting when the reported issue or task is not covered by the Service Desk tasks listed above. When it has been determined that the scope of the request or problem is beyond that of those responsibilities, the ticket is escalated to the Print Team for further investigation.

For Office Printing, the Service Desk can assist customers with:

  • Getting access to Network Printers, checking associated print groups for membership and getting Owner info (if they need to be added)
  • Connecting local Printers via USB, and ensuring drivers are installed
  • Clearing simple paper jams (don't require the use of tools).
  • Checking power and network cabling
  • If the device is a Multifunction Xerox printer, redirecting customers to Xerox Support (support number also on the front of Printer). These devices are under warranty and fully covered.

Additionally, for UPRINT and lab printers, we can:

  • Assist students with getting UPRINT refunds
  • Replace Toner carts
  • Refill paper
  • Clearing simple paper jams
  • Reboot release stations and printers

The following print tickets should to be escalated to Print Team:

  • Any printer issue that cannot be fixed using the above troubleshooting steps.
  • Adding people to the Printer Address Book / configuring Scan-to-Email.
  • Setting up and configuring campus network printer queues
  • Creating new Print group ACLs and assisting in cases where ownership is incorrect
  • Replacing maintenance or transfer kits in UPRINT printers.
  • Making configuration changes to print queue or settings
  • Hardware recommendations for new office printers

The SD should NOT do the follow:

  • Reset printers to factory defaults.
  • Change printer settings
  • Set up wireless printing or adding printers to wireless network
  • Collect used Toner carts  from office customers (customers can contact vendors for return label)
  • Power off printers and disconnect them from the network.

This is a good summary but please keep in mind that it is not a complete list of printer issues we may encounter. As with most things we support, if you encounter something with printers and are unsure what to do, just ask!

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