Getting Started with the Moxee Mobile Hotspot


How to a setup and begin to use the Moxee Mobile Hotspot.



How to a setup and begin to use the Moxee Mobile Hotspot.


The Moxee Mobile hotspot will provide you with Internet access on the go or wherever you are. 


DATA/SPEED: Unlimited / 4G LTE
USAGE TIME: Up to 7 hours



Step 1 Power on the Device:

Turn on the hotspot by pressing and holding the power button on until the device comes on. After the welcome screen, Moxee Hotspot will be displayed. Which means it has completely started up you will see this screen.


Step 2 Select WIFI Frequency Band:

Press the Menu button at the top of the screen until you get to the Wifi Info screen

The first option you will see is 2.4G WIFI Info or if you hit the Menu button again you will get 5G Wifi Info. The "G" Wifi Frequency bands are not cellular frequency bands so do not confuse the Wifi 5G with cellular 5G.

Wifi Frequency 2.4G and 5G differences

  • 2.4G slower speeds, lower data rates, covers larger area
  • 5G faster speeds, higher data rates, covers smaller area

So select a wifi frequency that best fits your situation.


Step 3 Get SSID Name / Password for WiFi:

After deciding with frequency band you are going with press the Power button and you will see this screen.

The first line underlined in red on the image is the network (SSID) and the next line underlined in red will be the password. You will need both of these to connect to the hotspot so make sure you write this down or remember it. The full SSID format will be as follows: “Moxee HotspotXX_2.4G” “Moxee HotspotXX_5G”, the XX will have specific numbers for your device.


Step 4 Connect your Device to the Hotspot:

Go to your device and look for available wireless networks. Once you find the wireless network with the SSID name in step 3, connect to it and use the password from step 3 to log in. From this point you should be all set to go, make sure you keep the device charged after usage.


Q&A  |  Trouble Shooting


Q. What is the username and password to log onto the hotspots wireless network?
A. You can get that information from the device itself, see STEP 3 from the instructions above.

Q. What do I do if the hotspot is not powering on?
A. It may be that the device is not charged, please connect it to the supplied charger to start the process. It takes roughly 3 hours to charge the battery from full depletion. 


Q. What do I do if the screen on the hotspot is not responsive?
A. If that is the case you have two options: (1) Restart the device by pressing the power button down and holding it for 8 seconds or (2) Hold the power button until it turns off or remove the battery and then put it back. It can be removed by carefully removing the back plate, look for a notch in one of the corners to remove it.


Q. What do I do if I see the SSID but it fails to connect?
A. Check if the password you entered is the correct one.


Q: What if there's no service?
A: The possible reasons are an unstable network signal, or a hardware problem. If you are inside a building or near a structure that may be blocking the signal, change the position or location of the device. For example, try moving the device close to a window.


Q: Is the hotspot waterproof?
A: The device is not waterproof. Please keep it dry and store in a shady and cool place. 


Q: How long should it run before I need to charge it?
A: Up to 7 hours before a charge is needed. Keep in mind this all depends on the usage.


Q: Which carrier provides the service for the device?


Q: Are there monthly data caps for the device?
A: No, the data is unlimited.


Q: Why are my data speeds slow?
A: You may be in an area with poor wireless coverage. If you are indoors, try moving closer to a window or the perimeter of the building. Wireless internet speeds can vary depending on location, usage, time of day, and other factors. Check the AT&T wireless coverage map to check your specific area.


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